We can all use doses of Good News in life. It has become especially important in the past few months to find positive mental nutrition in the midst of all the bleak headlines and reports on the news feeds. The Geier Family has one for you that’s a heartwarming share we are grateful for today.

From the Geier Family: A Dose of Good News

In response to private practices being forced to temporarily close, the Geier Family Foundation is pledging $200,000 in grants to provide relief. Jay Geier, founder, and CEO of the Scheduling Institute started the Geier Family Foundation with his family to serve individuals and organizations in need. When the Geier Family Foundation learned of the office closures and the thousands of front desk team members that had an urgent need for financial assistance, they wanted to do something to help. As team members struggled to pay for housing and food without their normal income, the Scheduling institute team immediately acted. The grants benefit 400 5-Star Certified team members in practices that are Scheduling Institute members during these tough economic times.


Flint Geier, Jay Geier’s eldest son explains, “We’re privileged and honored to announce $200,000 in grants for Scheduling Institute 5-Star Certified team members. For as long as I can remember I knew that my dad (Jay Geier) did one thing. He helped doctors learn how to get more new patients, and these team members are on the front line of that. Being 5-Star Certified not only means that you have successfully completed Scheduling Institute’s core training on the telephones, but that you are committed to ongoing accountability for bringing new patients into your practice. We wanted to do something to show our continued support for these dedicated team members.”

Geier supports struggling businesses

The Geier Family: Jay, Diane, Annabelle, Flint, Jack, and Charlotte


 Jay Geier’s Positivity is Contagious

Jay Geier first announced the grant opportunity to Scheduling Institute’s top membership level, the 5X Coaching group. He urged them to forward the grant information to any team members they thought would benefit, “I really believe that money always works out if you do the right thing, so I want to give a commensurate amount in a month that technically most people are in dire need. I challenge you to do the same. Even if you can only give $10 or $50 … just do it.” Jay explains, “During this time of quarantine it is meaningful to do something close to home, and this is a special group of people that I don’t usually get to give to. This group really means a lot to me. It was a family decision, and they agreed right away.”


The 5X Members accepted the challenge with excitement, with several pledging to match the grant amounts for their team members. Soon, all of the other Scheduling Institute membership levels were also referring eligible team members to apply. We’re all looking for some good news right now, and it looks like some fantastic news is headed to 400 5-Star Certified team members.

The Geier Family Foundation

It isn’t every day that we individually have the ability to help another, but if there was a perfect day, why not make it today? Spend time thinking about someone you might be able to bring some good news to.  Even if it’s not necessarily in the form of money – go do it. It may seem like a trite TV ad slogan, but there really is power in the phrase “we are all in this together.” Let’s make this more than a saying and put some action behind those words today.
“Positivity is contagious. LET’S START A PANDEMIC.”


The Geier Family Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created to serve individuals and organizations in need. Funds are disbursed annually to a variety of causes. Generosity and gratitude are the motivating forces behind their mission; faith is what determines their path.


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