What started as an informative virtual lesson for Scheduling Institute’s Results Creator Bootcamp series ended in confetti, laughter, and a lot of jumping. As our CEO Jay Geier finished up his live virtual lesson, Dr. David Blanchard’s face flashed on the screen. He had joined the live stream via Zoom for what he thought would be one last interview with Jay as one of 5 top finalists, but what he soon found out was that HE won a Tesla Model 3. No other finalists were on the Zoom because he was the last man standing and was named the 2019 Results Creator of the Year!

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Results Creator Bootcamp Winner of the Tesla Model 3


It’s been a yearlong adventure for the Results Creators in Scheduling Institute’s Team Training University Results Creator Bootcamp series. As the winner, Dr. David Blanchard said, “In 2019, I set a monthly goal of $70,000 in collections. And then I surprised myself by reaching $133,000, or nearly double the office’s all-time record!”

The 20 finalists were interviewed prior to announcing the winner, and we asked each person how they would feel if they won. Dr. Blanchard’s quote really moved us a lot:

“I’ve been through some dark times in my life, so winning this would mean the world for me. I can’t say that I’ve reached the top of the mountain yet, but since I started out underwater, I am incredibly proud to say that I’ve climbed to heights that I didn’t think were possible.”

Dr. Blanchard, an associate doctor in Dr. Bill Carini’s practice, certainly stood out from the crowd, but he had some incredibly worthy competitors. “I want to acknowledge all the other finalists because you definitely had some stiff competition. I’ll tell you, people had great stories… but you had a great story AND great statistics. And this year was about results, so all those aspects combined really pushed you over the edge. We’re excited for you.” said Jay Geier, CEO, and Founder of Scheduling Institute.

A Year of Transformation


Attending the 2019 Results Creator Bootcamp led to a lot more changes for Dr. Blanchard than just a giant leap in collections. In fact, it completely changed his entire life.

“Simply put, when I look in the mirror today, I see a very different person than I did 10 months ago. I mean that quite literally. I lost 55 pounds this year, and even my eyes look totally different. The Results Creator Bootcamp changed my mindset and how I look at things.

I’ve even applied the lessons I learned at the Scheduling Institute into my private life. I’ve completely changed not just my professional goals but also my life goals, including my relationship with my wife and daughter. Before, we used to talk about a lot of things, but now we’re actually getting them done.”

Dr. Blanchard truly earned that Tesla with his hard work and dedication. Every single day, he wakes up at 4:00 am to head to the gym, and he is committed to giving his all to every facet of his life. He truly did create results that we can all be proud of!

Creator Bootcamp: A Well-earned Tesla

He was not too sure what to expect when he first arrived at the Results Creator Bootcamp. That is because he was used to workshops and seminars that were strictly clinical in nature.

But the Results Creator Bootcamp teaches you about achieving real results by changing how you think about things and taking advantage of concrete strategies and action steps. It truly teaches you to “think outside the box” of what you’d find at your typical CE course.

“Thank you to all the people who allowed me to have a mindset shift like this, that allowed me to get these results. This changed the way I feel about life and the future and about taking down obstacles in front of me… and it’s all you guys who made that possible. Thank you to each and every one of my team members, and Dr. Bill Carini for providing me this opportunity, he is the best mentor and leader you could ever ask for.”

It is all about teamwork and culture and Dr. Blanchard put into practice the philosophies and formulas Jay Geier and Scheduling Institute teaches its members.


The Best Version of Yourself


Dr. Blanchard highly recommends the program for his team members as well.

“If one of my peers asked me if they should send one of their team members, my response would be just two words – “Do it!” The Scheduling Institute teaches you how to develop everything on the individual level, which, at first glance, doesn’t necessarily seem to have anything to do with the team at all. But if you want your individual team members to each be the best versions of themselves, they need to go through this program.”

And that is exactly what the Scheduling Institute has always focused on – learning the concrete steps on how to “move the needle” on a personal, professional, and financial level to achieve outstanding success.


What is the Scheduling Institute Results Creator Bootcamp?


The Scheduling Institute Team Training University was developed by Jay Geier to be a direct line of instruction to Teams in private practices who’s owner-doctors are members of Scheduling Institute. In 2019, Jay decided to make a huge shift in the Scheduling Institute Team Training University. After closing it to all but his 5X Members’ teams for two years, he decided to reopen it to all our members who were interested in one thing: getting results in their private practices. The Results Creator Bootcamp series is what Jay developed to deliver on this idea. In this rigorous training program, Jay committed to teaching his formula for getting consistent, record-breaking results.

The first part of the Result Creator Bootcamp was for Doctors to spend time selecting the best possible candidates from seven key areas in their practice to learn how to capture untapped revenue and drive results. From there, a yearlong program unfolded through a combination of remote learning opportunities and live events. The workshops in this program taught the Results Creators what processes, procedures, and philosophies to implement in their private practice for the best results possible. We set some incredibly ambitious goals for our Results Creators, and are enormously proud to say that they exceeded our expectations!

The final stage of the Results Creator Bootcamp was for each Results Creator to write an essay that documented their journey. The essay, of course, would highlight the results achieved. We also really wanted to hear about what each Results Creator learned along the way. Things like what they changed about themselves, they kept the same, frustrated them, and what breakthroughs or triumphs they had. Their practice reviewed each of their own team member’s essays and then selected just one of them to represent them in the final contest. From there, Scheduling Institute narrowed it down to the top 20 finalists. Now, we are ready to unveil that out of over 1,200 participants … Dr. David Blanchard is the winner of the brand-new Tesla Model 3!


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Dr. David Blanchard, our 2019 Results Creator of the Year winner, did a lot more than just double his office’s personal record for monthly collections. Our creator of the year winner learned to maximize morale, productivity, and efficiency in all aspects of his private practice. By adhering to the Scheduling Institute’s detailed action plans and step-by-step guides. He proved that any private practice could enjoy unprecedented growth in both collections and new patient acquisitions.

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