Intentionally Investing in an Engaged and Growth-Oriented Culture Has a Huge Payback.

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Building Your Best Team Possible Starts and Ends with One Thing…Culture.

Creating an intentional, amazing culture is your competitive advantage.

RIGHT NOW is your time to prepare for the impending crisis that is dawning on business owners nationwide. This impending crisis is the fight to RECRUIT and RETAIN TOP, HIGHLY SKILLED, ENGAGED and MOTIVATED team members. This has EVERYTHING to do with the CULTURE you create (intentionally or unintentionally) in your Practice.

By NOT attending this event, you risk losing top team members to other Practices that have a better Culture than yours (that likely came to this event!).

Culture Fest 2019
June 13-15 | Atlanta, GA

For years there has been a misconception around Culture. Every office has a Practice Culture whether you like it or not, but the crucial realization you need to have is if your Culture is accidental or intentional. You may be asking yourself, “How important is Culture?” and the answer is simple: It is the most integral part of your Practice which will affect not only your Team Members but your Patients and their experience as well.

Finally, There Is a Solution to Having an Unintentional Practice Culture.

Culture Fest 2019 is coming to you this year, and it’s rapidly approaching! The key to a Practice’ success is within the office Culture, and this year we are bringing you the experts who will help you strategize a plan for Culture that you can take back and implement right away!

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