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Tuesday, October 1

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Learn from the leader in practice growth, founder and CEO of scheduling institute, Jay Geier as he shares what he’s learned from his top clients.

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Some dentists are content to be the average, neighborhood dentist. These dentists provide simple services with satisfactory results. They live quiet lives, and when their practices disappear, no one pays too much attention. If that is the kind of dentist you want to be, then we wish you the best. However, if you are striving for something more, then it is time to take action.

Stop and Look at Your Practice. Look at Where You Are. Visualize Where You Want to Be.

  • Do you have the biggest practice in town?
  • Are you in the top 5 percent?
  • When people think of a local dentist, is your practice the first one that comes to mind?
  • Are you the biggest fish in your pond?

If this is where you are, or if this is where you hope to be, then this is the webcast you need.

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Sure, there are other resources out there for dentists, but most of these resources cater to the average dentist and not ones of your caliber. That is not the kind of guidance you want. It is definitely not the advice you need to take your practice further than before. If you feel like all the training resources out there talk below you, then you should really stop listening. If you stick with training intended for dentists at a lower level, you run the risk of being dragged down.

That is why we have created this special webcast. Our techniques are designed specifically for dentists in the top echelon. We have worked hard to come up with content targeted directly at you. We understand what it takes to become the best. We know what it takes to stay the best. These are the key revelations we want to share with you right now.

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Our webcast has been put together by experts in the dental industry. In fact, you will get to hear directly from the leader of the top dental practice management and consulting company. An industry leader will share unique insights about what he has learned. Given the fact that he has been a part of elite practices, these are insights you will want to know!

Still not sure? Well, let us give you a sneak peek. In the webcast, you will learn some of the secrets behind taking a top tier practice to the next level. You heard that right. This is about taking a high performing practice and moving it further. We believe there is no limit to your potential, and we will share the tips you need to make that happen in your practice.

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If You Sign up for This Elite Webcast, You Can Look Forward to Sessions of Innovative Advice, Relevant Insight and Actionable Tips.

Just think about the possibilities for your practice and your life.

  • New patients times 5!
  • Your income times 5!
  • Vacations times 5!
  • The value of your team times 5!
  • Quality family experiences times 5!

If you do not think it is possible, then think again. This is why we are reaching out to you today. We are looking for top dentists who are not satisfied. We are looking for the best dentists who want to be better. We are looking for you. The webcast will do more than change your dental practice. It will transform your family, invigorate your personal growth, stimulate your entire team and enhance your life. That is a lot of benefits for one webcast series!

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