Are 1 Out of Every 2 New Patients Falling Out of Your Practice Pipeline Every Day?

Imagine that your practice is a pipeline…On the left side, you have new patients who are funneled in through your marketing, word of mouth, internet search, etc. It seizes their attention and calls them to act. So, they pick up the phone to call your office and BOOM… into the pipeline they go. They travel through the pipeline scheduling an appointment, getting the services they need, coming back for additional treatment, and start referring friends and family. Sounds simple, right?

But what if there was a hole at the very beginning of your pipeline? What if for every two patients going into the pipe, one fell out within the very first few feet? How do you think this would affect your practice growth?




We have a saying here at the Scheduling Institute: “New patients are the lifeblood of every practice.” Without new patients, there is NO WAY that your practice can grow to its full potential. They provide an on-going stream of growth and revenue. If you don’t have new patients constantly filling the pipeline, then your practice becomes flat from a lack of new growth, and you’re forced to make bad choices like raising your fees, which simply won’t work in this economy.

A new patient is worth anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 in procedures over the course of their lifetime. For some specialties, they are worth even more! Not to mention satisfied patients will refer friends and family, who will then also become your patients. This is what your business is all about, right? THIS is how you make money!

This may come as a surprise to you, but unbeknownst to you right now… you are losing money hand over fist because some patients never make it past the point of initial contact with your practice. They simply never cross the threshold of your door, and you never have a chance to treat them or make any money from them.



You could be spending tons of money on brilliant marketing campaigns to get practice growth, but if your team isn’t trained to catch the new patients when they call, they fall right through the hole at the very beginning of your practice pipeline.


How many new patients are you getting each month? Do you even know your number?

Most doctors who have been in practice for a while mistake being productive for being “busy.” If you work four or five days a week and 90% or more of your time is spent seeing patients, I can GUARANTEE your new patient pipeline is suffering, being neglected, and COSTING YOU MONEY.

How much money? Plug your numbers into this calculator to see YOUR actual numbers!

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