What if Growing Your Private Practice Was as Easy as Turning on a Faucet

grow your private practice

Do you want to grow your private practice to increase your income, wipe out your debt, afford a bigger house, have a nicer car, take better and more frequent vacations, retire when you want, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family?… Simply, turn on the faucet. 

How?! By focusing on the #1 thing that EVERY doctor should be focused on… Getting more new patients.

More New Patients = Everything You Want in Life! 
They truly are the magic solution that fuels everything in your practice AND your LIFE. In some ways, it’s scary how dependent you, your family and your well-being are tied to new patients.

You may not ever have considered this fact, but gaining more new patients is what makes YOUR world go ‘round.

Do you understand their long-term value to your practice and your livelihood? Many doctors mistake being busy for being “productive,” and, therefore, don’t give their new patient growth enough attention—creating leaks in the pipeline, weakening the flow.

In fact, research has found that most doctors are losing 10 to 30 percent of potential new patients a day to this. If you’re averaging 20 new patients a month now, you’re losing two to six.

How is Your New Patient Faucet? Watch This Video to Find Out…

The average new patient is worth $2,000, which means you’d be losing $4,000 to $12,000 a month–that’s $48,000 to $144,000 a year. 

Let’s just say on the conservative side, you’re losing only 5 new patients a month–that’s $10,000 a month, $120,000 a year. If you’ve been in practice for 5 years that’s $600,000! 10 years? $1.2 MILLION!! Now just imagine for a moment, having 5 more patients a month. What could an extra $10,000 a month, above and beyond your current collections mean to you, your family, and your life? 

You’re a smart person… your patients trust you… your family trusts you… if you really stop and think for a moment… think about the REALITY of what an on-demand “new patient faucet” does for you.  A “new patient faucet” you just turn on and off, up and down at the flick of a switch… that’s the kind of control you deserve to have in your life. You deserve a better way to grow your private practice and gain more new patients! 

Here at the Scheduling Institute, increasing a practice’s new patients is our #1 focus! And we have the secret formula that’s guaranteed to Consistently, Dependably, and Predictably Increase Your New Patients 10%-40% and Increase Your Collections $10,000-$50,000 (every month) with ZERO Increase in Marketing or Advertising.


Obtain the secret to instantly increasing your collections and new patient flow…

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