What’s Your Story? What Do You Want It To Be?


These questions have to do with growth planning. Have you ever noticed that virtually every movie or novel follows the same basic plot? A lead character experiences fear and doubt, sorrow and joy, defeat and triumph. Sound familiar? It should… because that’s the Story of LIFE! Every single one of us lives that storyline. Unlike real life, though, a movie is scripted by someone else, and the evolution of the story and its ending are predetermined before it ever starts. All the ups and downs of the lead character are written so as to make you laugh… make you cry… make you cheer… make you want to be “that guy” (or gal or animal or alien) who faces his fears, steps into challenges, and achieves his goal in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


Things Don’t Happen To You, Things Happen Because of You


Real-life, on the other hand, has no script. It just happens. Or does it? When you look back on the Story you’ve lived up to this point, you probably think that’s just what happened TO you. But in reality, all of that happened BECAUSE of you – because of the choices YOU made along the way. Without realizing it, you’ve been the scriptwriter of your Life Story the entire time!

Given how that Story has unfolded so far, do you think you’re admired as a sort of hero character – someone who positively impacts the lives of others; a person who faces fears, takes risks, learns from mistakes; a leader who sets and achieves goals no matter what?

Or might people compare you to a Scrooge-type character – negative, money-hungry, disinterested in helping others?

Or, maybe you’re viewed more like Wile E. Coyote – constantly making bad decisions…having things explode in your face… and never learning from your mistakes?!

Or worse yet… is your Story just plain boring?!

The truth is you have total control over how your Life Story unfolds. So, wouldn’t you prefer to write the rest of the Story so that it evolves and ends the way you WANT it to?

Be intentional. Don’t be an uninvolved “extra” in the rest of your own Life Story, regretful of missed opportunities. Get started TODAY on a growth planning script and a lead performance that’s a real blockbuster!


Growth Planning: What can I start with TODAY?


The very first line of your new life’s script should answer the question: “What goal will I commit to achieving, beginning today?” Goals are story changers. They cause you to make intentional decisions that will evolve your Story in the desired direction, instead of continuing to let life just happen. An admirable lead character always has goals. A movie may end when the character achieves the one goal around which the story is based, but you just know that character is going to move ahead to achieve other goals. Success will drive him to continue succeeding (hence, the sequel). Be that guy!

The second line of your new script should answer: “What’s the biggest obstacle or limitation I continue to drag along?” The movies that make you want to stand up and cheer the loudest are the ones in which the lead character overcomes his biggest “thing.” It’s never easy, but he’s determined and he does it. So, when it comes to your “thing,” commit to facing it; to convert fear and doubt into energy and a new way of confronting an old nemesis. Overcome your “thing” once and for all so you can move beyond your current situation. In the process, you’ll build confidence in being able to overcome the next thing that gets in your way as you work toward new goals.


growth planning


Be proud of all you went through to get where you are today, but don’t let your Story stop there.


We are almost to the halfway point of this year, and you should be well into a transition away from all the 2020 baggage into moving your business forward. Now is the perfect time to begin evolving your Story in new and exciting ways. Believe in yourself and your capabilities, set goals (big, exciting ones!), step into challenges, and make more intentional choices… and then, keep writing. The Story should never stop until you are going in the grave.

If you have an exciting plot twist to your Story that you’d like to explore … or even if you have writer’s block on just what you should do next, Scheduling Institute is here to help you! Invest in a 1-Day Private Growth Planning Session with us called a Blueprint Day. During this day, we’ll 1) review your practice history to gain insights that will guide your future growth, 2) Set specific 2-year practice targets, and 3) design a custom plan to meet and exceed your personal and professional goals. A Blueprint Day is a sure-fire way to answer the two questions we mentioned earlier (What’s your Goal and What are your obstacles?) and then to truly make your Story incredible!

Visit www.BlueprintDay.com to learn more and register today!


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