Are You Taking Advantage of Your Full Potential?

25 Leadership Lessons for Private Practice Owners


Leadership lessons are something that has always been thought of as an essential part of being a successful CEO. You may not think of yourself as a CEO … you may identify yourself more as a practitioner. But even as a doctor, do you ever stop and think about how essential leadership is to your role? Leadership plays a critical part in how you convince your patients to act on the course of treatment you recommend. And you probably knew this was coming from us, but you ARE a business owner, too. Your practice is a small business whether you call yourself a CEO or not. That means that building your leadership skills plays a critical role in your ability to have a successful private practice. Are you taking advantage of your full potential to lead your team to success?


How many of you noticed that your practice’s ability to withstand the storm of 2020 was directly related to your leadership? And as we begin to transition through the pandemic and work to get our businesses thriving again, leadership lessons continue to be downright essential.


How can you become a better leader? To get you started, we are going to share some leadership lessons from the successful doctors in our 5X Coaching Program. Many of these doctors reported having their best collection years EVER in 2020 … despite all that was going on in the world.


25 Leadership Lessons from our Doctors and their Leadership Teams in SI’s 5X Coaching Program:


  1. You are a business owner. Act like one.
  2. Present yourself at your ability level, not at your confidence level.
  3. You are capable even if you are not comfortable sometimes.
  4. The practice’s purpose and core values must be considered with every decision you make big or small.
  5. Frustrations are opportunities for growth.
  6. Plan for setbacks.
  7. Common goals are the strongest commonality amongst a team.
  8. Complacency is a disease.
  9. Leadership lesson: Be a coach, not a manager.
  10. Track, track, track
  11. There are no miracles … just hard work.
  12. Invest time in the top 10%, not the bottom 10%.
  13. Focus on over-delivery, not just revenue.
  14. Do not excuse bad behavior.
  15. Telling someone is not the same as teaching someone.
  16. Someone must be focused on marketing to hit the yearly goals.
  17. Don’t believe in self-limitations.
  18. Trust, but verify.
  19. Your Team’s actions speak louder than their words.
  20. Teach your team how to survive without you.
  21. Celebrate wins.
  22. Good team members who are not properly developed could be lost.
  23. Don’t let a down month define your quarter or year.
  24. Communicate more. When you think you’ve communicated enough; communicate it again.
  25. Remain grateful.

 Remember the Reality

Leaders are sometimes born, but usually, they are developed and trained. Our CEO and founder, Jay Geier, often quotes that famous anonymous navy seal who said, “We don’t rise to the occasion. We sink to our level of training.” At Scheduling Institute, our programs are created to guide you and your team through the process of leading your private practice to success. Give us a call today to learn more, (770) 518-7575.








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