Evolving from Mediocrity to Having a Competitive Advantage:

During episode 12 of the Practice Playbook Podcast, Jay’s initial topic of the discussion focuses on the necessity of valuing quality staff and their performance. Although the Five-star Challenge highlights the blind spots of what needs improvement, achieving healthcare success means taking the time to assess your staff’s strengths and weaknesses. In the podcast, Jay Geier alludes to Chick fil a’s top training model molds that their team value the importance of customer satisfaction. Can the same be said about your leadership and your team’s efficiency? Growing your practice starts not just with the internal growth of a staff’s mindset of customer satisfaction, but your own as a business in a competitive market.

Practice Growth Habit #1: Embody Innovation

If, you are going to stay in practice today and be successful, you have to pivot your game. That starts by reinventing your office to make it about the patient.”
-Jay Geier

As a practice owner, you expect your team’s performance of high-end service, as well as top-notch profits at the benefit of your vision to lead to a successful business model. You are right in a sense, but management knowledge will create more opportunities for a viable fortune. Challenge Yourself. The route to generational wealth is not an exact science, but the ability to innovate your practice around the satisfaction of your patients and team will guarantee a competitive advantage over other dentists and doctors.

Practice Growth Habit #2: Grow from Common Mistakes as a Practice Owner

You mature alongside your practice as the years go by, but no matter the degrees and sense of expertise, it’s impossible to completely avoid bad management habits. We are human. Give up on absolute perfection and acknowledge your self-made setbacks as a practice owner.

Advice to Heed:

  • Know your numbers. Precisely knowing the ins and outs of your practice’s finances will strengthen your knowledge as a leader to your team.
  • Beyond compensating employees, there’s rewarding. Your employees not only need to be valued but deserve to be. There is no company without the hard work of your team.
  • Have an exit play. Our Team and podcast are always here for management support.

Take a step back to re-evaluate your practice’s standing around these familiar shortcomings. Utilize Mindfulness as a tool to assess your current mental capacity around understanding to roles of your team and your own capabilities.

Conclusion: A Mediocre Mindset Creates Mediocre Team

The first interaction your patients will have in your practice will be with your receptionist. Have you taken the time to interact with them as well? What about your assistants and team leaders? Whether they were brought on board directly or indirectly by you, stay tuned into the testimonies of patients. Even evaluate your own behavior with your team, allowing anonymous feedback as an option.

Culture is what the people in your business think about you – culture is what you feel when you walk in.
EP 11 of the Practice Playbook

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