Engagement: Living Up to the Hype


Question – if we had a camera on you and your team and did an exposé of your behavior, would the exposé reveal your behavior to match your goals? Or would it reveal that you aren’t quite following through with them? And yes, we know that there was a mandatory shutdown period that affected your business. But we are all back to business now … albeit with a lot of new safety procedures … so what is the level of your engagement and what are your private practice strategies now that you’re open?


You need to understand that your dream either becomes Real or it becomes Hype.


We may not be able to predict exactly what happens, but we absolutely can create what happens. We’re in the business of creating our own futures. Even though there is unpredictability in the world we can still have predictability in our businesses.


Increase your engagement in these private practice strategies and you’ll be on your way to living up to the Hype:


Get clarity on areas of investment.

Go through every area of business, look at return on investment and think about re-allocating budgets accordingly. You had to shut some things down recently. Do you really need to start them back up? This also leads to looking at ways to…

Increase efficiencies in all processes.

Question every process. There are things people do just because it’s how they’ve “always done it”, and sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to find a better solution. Create an environment where all things are questioned and start making investments in processes if you haven’t already. Time away during the shutdown period may be just what you and your team needed to take a hard look at what really works and what is outdated. It may be time for some much needed new training for your team. Scheduling Institute offers over 24 different specialty trainings that are proven to increase efficiency and revenue – your practice would benefit from both! Contact us here.

Plan out your meetings.

If you don’t have the activities that create the right results on your calendar you’re simply not going to get those things done. Get organized – calendars create intention.

Create reasons for your staff to grow the practice.

Find or connect with reasons why your staff would want to help grow the practice. Maybe it’s working towards being debt-free or being able to give a portion of their income to charity. Find what they’re passionate about and develop incentives around them to leverage it.

Add some FUN back into your practice.

Ok, we get it. You’ve lost revenue this year and you’re all about getting back on track. We always applaud growing revenue. But keep in mind this has been a dark and kind of terrible year for everyone – and your team and patients are no exception. Everyone could use some good old-fashioned FUN right now. Ask your team for input and plan some fun activities for your team to bond. You may need to wear face masks and practice social distancing … but there are still plenty of fun things to do as a team. Ditto for your patients. Get your Fun Squad together and get creative!

practice strategies

After several months of hard work, our marketing team just revamped a HUGE automated sequence. This accomplishment was a culmination of getting clarity on our marketing investment and improving efficiencies. At Scheduling Institute we ALWAYS celebrate wins and make it FUN – even if we need to wear face masks!


Recast your own personal calendar.

When you’re tired and worn down you start making bad decisions. If you’re starting to get burned out in any area, you need to recast your calendar. “Crisis Fatigue” is real – and as a business owner you are no doubt feeling at least some of the effects. Having so many terrible things happen in such a short period of time this year can take a serious toll on your mental and physical health. You may desperately need to take some time off now that your practice is back open and running. Do it! Also understand that if you do a good job of recasting your time it will make you more excited about what’s on your calendar, which leads to more engagement and … you guess it! More results. Make personal time for the activities that will rejuvenate you.

If you’re serious about increasing your engagement in getting your practice on an upward trajectory, Take the 5 Star Challenge. It will help you to determine if your front desk team is positioned to help get more new patients, increase collections and maximize growth, or if your new patient intake process needs an overhaul for the long-term success of your practice. 





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