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Discover, Benchmark, Plan:

Your Journey to Success Starts Here

Do you want to make it much easier to jump-start your journey toward transforming your private practice into a thriving, purpose-driven, and profitable business? Would you like to enjoy 20% profitable growth year over year while gaining more time and energy for your family and friends?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, you are well-positioned to take advantage of our Discovery Day sessions. In less than seven hours, get clarity and a high-level road map on what you and your practice need for success.

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Who is a Discovery Day For?

Private Practice Owners

A Discovery Day is perfect for private practice owners who know they can achieve more, but just need a little direction and guidance figuring out how to get there.

In just under seven hours, you’ll leave our Discovery Day knowing exactly what steps you need to take so you can:

  • Regain control of your practice, finances, and life
  • Increase margins, build equity, and create a long-lasting legacy
  • Build a team that is motivated to help you grow your practice and realize your vision
  • Create processes and systems that let you step away from constantly being chair-side
  • Repair and build stronger relationships with your loved ones
  • Make an impact that goes beyond yourself with the ability to donate to causes you care deeply about
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Ready to drive your practice to the level of success you’ve dreamed of?

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What’s Included In Your Discovery Day

Our signature seven-hour private planning session includes the three key areas below. Your spouse and/or business decision-makers are highly-encouraged to attend your Discovery Day with you.

Growth Readiness Assessment

Using empirically validated questions and methodology, we evaluate your growth-oriented skills and mindset. We’ll assess where you’re at and help improve your growth readiness so you’re primed to achieve greater success in your practice.

$749 value

Kolbe Assessment

Unlike personality tests, the Kolbe Index A identifies your instinctive problem-solving strengths, offering insights into your natural approach to getting things done. These findings help us tailor your unique growth plan.

$110 value

High Level Road Map

You won’t leave wondering what the next steps look like. During your Discovery Day, we will begin creating a personalized 2-year plan that fully aligns with your current situation and goals so you have clear action steps.

$5,000 value

Plus, we’ll reimburse your hotel stay when you attend your Discovery Day.

What Our Participants Have to Say

- Drs. Lindsey + Joshua P.

“Just had the most effective, well-spent 8 hours of business planning today. Our facilitator was amazing.”

- Dr. Ai-Phuong P.

“I truly did not know what to expect coming in for the day. Our facilitator knocked it out of the park!

I went from a doctor who wanted nothing to do with the business side of the practice to someone who knows exactly what she wants in the next 5-10 years.”

- Dr. David F.

“For a one-day meeting, we were able to get many action items done and make some major decisions about the future of our practice. My facilitator did an excellent job.”

What to Expect On Your Discovery Day

Your private one-day session will start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. A complimentary lunch will be provided midday. Make sure to bring along any key decision makers and/or your spouse to your Discovery Day session.

Here’s How We’ll Build Your Road Map:

  • Forecast your growth using your historical numbers and create a new 2-year​ personalized plan of how The Practice Growth Institute can help you get where you want to go.​
  • Find out how well you’re doing compared to your competition.​
  • Create strategies to maximize your team and existing assets.​
  • Align your exit strategy with your long-term goals and needs.

or call 770-518-7575

Getting to Your Discovery Day Session Is Simple

  1. Schedule your Discovery Day at one of our conveniently-located practice growth centers in Atlanta, Georgia, or Phoenix, Arizona.
  2. Fly into ATL or PHX (we’ll provide airline discount codes) and get to your hotel within minutes.
  3. On your Discovery Day, take an easy 5-minute walk from your hotel to the training center.

How to get to the Atlanta Practice Growth Institute

How to get to the Phoenix Practice Growth Institute

Your Dreams and goals are on the line

If you find yourself stressed or overwhelmed each time you walk through your practice’s doors, you simply can’t keep going at this pace.

If you don’t come up with a strategic plan, you are going to run yourself into the ground. Are you…

  • Bringing work home each night after-hours just to keep up?
  • Missing out on important moments with loved ones because you’re chained chair-side?
  • Downloading every freebie you can find about practice management, only to find yourself even more confused?

You need a proven system that makes the best use of the little time you have. So, what’s it going to be…waiting and wishing? Or, taking action and getting the direction, guidance, and tools needed to skyrocket your practice’s success?

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