Podcast for Doctors

On this podcast you’ll find a mix of episode topics, ranging from Marketing and Human Capital to Financial Discipline, Clinical Duplication and Space & Equipment. While clinical competency is a requirement, being well versed in business strategy is what will amplify your income and change the direction of your practice by choice. Large corporations are disrupting and commoditizing the medical industry left and right, creating negative arrangements for many Private Practitioners.

Will you allow this forced change to occur? Or are you ready to take the bull by its horns, transform your focus, innovate and initiate positive change on your own watch? If you selected the latter, then join us on the Private Practice Playbook Podcast.



Your Host

Jay Geier

A successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist, Jay Geier, is on a mission to help others live up to their full potential through time-tested proven strategies he’s gleaned from decades of achieving success both in his own life and the lives of countless professionals he’s worked with.

Jay is a self-made, first-generation wealth creator from a middle-class American family who has owned his own businesses since age 18. He is the Founder and CEO of Scheduling Institute, a practice management and health marketing firm designed to help private practice owners achieve a more successful business and, as a result, a more fulfilling life.

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