Find Out if Scheduling Institute Can Help You Grow Your Practice By 10–40% in 90 Days or Less.

Since 2007, this unique process has helped thousands of doctors achieve new levels of practice-growth success.

The 5-Star Challenge is a complimentary analysis that will reveal how your practice compares to the competition when it comes to converting new patient phone calls into actual scheduled appointments. When you take the 5-Star Challenge, you will receive a mystery call to your office and a rating based on a zero to five-star scale. The results will be delivered to you via FedEx and will include a Blind Spot Analysis Report which will uncover the secret to instantly and effortlessly increasing your income by at least $10,000-$50,000 every single month.

Don’t spend another dime on marketing to get your phone to ring until you take the 5-Star Challenge!


Your Rating

Your Scheduling Institute Auditor will Rate your Practice on a 0-5 Scale, based on your Front Desk’s ability to effectively and efficiently schedule a New Patient Appointment. If you receive a 4 or 5-Star, you can be rest-assured that very few New Patients are falling through the cracks. If you receive a lower rating, you will be thrilled to read how quickly and easily you can increase your New Patients, in your Written Report.

A Personal Review from Your Auditor

Your Scheduling Institute Auditor will record a personalized message just for you, reviewing what they discovered when they called your office.

A Written Report

If your Scheduling Institute Auditor discovers room for improvement, you will receive a written report detailing how to make the adjustments necessary to see an increase in your New Patients.

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“This is something unique. I haven’t seen anything like this. My new patients WENT UP 29% and collections INCREASED 34%.”

Dr. Randall C.

“Almost instantly, probably after a month or two, OUR NUMBERS STARTED RISING. It literally has changed my life. It’s changed how we practice and the mood in our office is dramatically different.”

Dr. Jennifer M.

"I requested the FedEx package and listened to what was inside. My reaction was, 'holy $h!+'! It was a New Patient calling and my team member talked her out of coming in."

Dr. Franklin M.

"I never thought after 17 years in the dental field I could possibly learn anything more than what I already knew."

Dr. Bhaskar P.

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