Here at Scheduling Institute, we are persistently positive. We look for the best in people and thrive on helping people grow into the very best versions of themselves. Along the way, we believe that people really do try to perform at their highest level. That said, we also know it’s human nature to be averse to change. After all, the unknown is … well … unknown. So the vast majority of humans are reluctant to accept change with open arms, insisting something new won’t work even when there is clear evidence to the contrary.

Dr. David Richter signed up for Scheduling Institutes’ phone training program because he heard the irrefutable evidence in new patient growth. He recalls, “I believed it because I saw other people doing it; Scheduling Institute guaranteed a 10 to 40% increase.”


Even so, that didn’t mean his TEAM was enthusiastic about changing processes. Like most teams, they felt they were working their hardest and doing their best, and were offended by the implication – albeit erroneous – that they were under-performing.



Obviously, Dr. Richter’s leadership prevailed: “In the last year and a half since we’ve been with Scheduling Institute we’ve seen a 160% increase in new patient exams.” Together with other practice-building initiatives, he AND HIS TEAM succeeded in growing the business by 30% the first year, and are on track for another 30% the second year, nearly doubling the practice over two years. He said, “It’s like every month is our best month; it’s been phenomenal. In my 20 years of my career I’ve never seen anything like Scheduling Institute. It’s been a huge, wonderful impact in my life.”


Dr. Richter urges, “Do not let your team members dissuade you from going forward with this process, because they don’t know; they don’t know what they don’t know.” The same can be said of doctors: You don’t know what you don’t know. So seek out the evidence; find out how others are successfully growing their practices with new patients. Then don’t try to reinvent the wheel!


As reluctant as your team may be to accept change, the confidence you demonstrate as the leader of your practice will go a long way to allay their fear of the unknown. That’s because it won’t be unknown to YOU; based on factual evidence, you will KNOW going in that Scheduling Institute’s phone training will bring you guaranteed results in new patient growth. Moreover, the return on the investment will be so apparent and so rapid – i.e., within 90 days – that your team will become more open to change, appreciative that as the practice begins to flourish in new ways, so will they.


Watch Dr. David’s full story now and learn more about how he engaged his team to help him create better results…


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