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Dr. Daniel W., UT

My team is engaged and everyone is so excited about the growth of our practice. I want to thank Jay Geier and the Scheduling Institute for completely changing the path of my practice and my life!

Dr. Randall C., TN

This is something unique. I haven’t seen anything like this. My new patients went up 29% and collections increased 34%.

Dr. Bhasker P., FL

I never thought after 17 years in practice I could possibly learn anything more than what I already knew. Scheduling Institute proved me wrong.

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If you’re the owner of a private practice, a 15-minute call is all that stands between you and the opportunity for massive growth. Growth that provides you with increased cash flow, a happier team culture, and more time spent with the people you love and on the things you care about.

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Worst case scenario? You walk away from the free consultation with insights from our business development team.

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