Accelerate Growth So You Can Start Enjoying The Fruits of Your Success
Invitation-Only Semi-Private Workship

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Atlanta, GA

May 3, 2024

The Roadmap to $500k Net Income Workshop is a Members-Only Event that goes above and beyond what you get in your membership and focuses on crucial topics geared to increase your income and reduce the overwhelming pressures on private practice owners.

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By attending this game-changing event, you will:

Develop a bigger vision for your business that is in line with your personal goals and aspirations

Understand the proven formula that will consistently lead to 20% growth year after year

Become a maximizer – so you can tap into hidden profits in all area’s of the Practice

Eliminate the overwhelming pressure by empowering your team to be a revenue producing machine, even when you’re not physically there

Unlock the secret to a sustainable and thriving practice, where you can focus on growth and enjoying the fruits of your success

Combat the most common leakage points that hinder your profitability

Exciting Changes Ahead…

At this Members-Only Workshop, you will learn what to expect as Scheduling Institute transitions into The Practice Growth Institute, and exactly how this exciting change will positively impact your growth.

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