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Are you ready to uncover the blind spots in your patient intake system that could be costing you
tens of thousands of dollars in collections? Take the first step to closing your monthly gap in 2024 with our complimentary Mystery Shopper Call!

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What to Expect
Our mystery callers will build your Blind Spot Analysis report that tells you how effective your staff is at turning potential new patients who call into scheduled appointments.

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How Our Blind Spot Analysis Has Helped Thousands of Doctors Like You

Dr. Daniel W., UT

My team is engaged and everyone is so excited about the growth of our practice. I want to thank Jay Geier and the Scheduling Institute for completely changing the path of my practice and my life!

Dr. Randall C., TN

This is something unique. I haven’t seen anything like this. My new patients went up 29% and collections increased 34%.

Dr. Bhasker P., FL

I never thought after 17 years in practice I could possibly learn anything more than what I already knew. Scheduling Institute proved me wrong.

Don’t Let This Opportunity Slip By

Right now, dozens of quality new patients are calling your office but never coming in—purely because that first phone call isn’t being handled correctly.

When you do the math, this mishandling of phone calls is costing you anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 in collections each month. It’s one of the most common mistakes that private practices make.

Our analysis helps uncover that blind spot and provides actionable steps you can take to increase new patients by 10% to 40%. Don’t spend another dime on marketing to get your phones ringing until you get your free Blind Spot Analysis—all it takes is a minute of your time.