Unleashing Success: Recap of the 2023 Practice Growth Summit in Las Vegas

Private practice professionals and their team members from around the world converged in Las Vegas for the highly anticipated 2023 Practice Growth Summit. This premier event brought together industry leaders, keynote speakers, and dedicated practitioners seeking to enhance their practices, expand their patient base, and cultivate business growth. The summit delivered on its promise, offering an enriching experience that left attendees inspired, informed, and ready to take their practices to new heights. As we recap this remarkable event, we will also share a glimpse into the future, highlighting the upcoming 2024 Practice Growth Summit in Nashville.

Unforgettable Experiences:
The 2023 Practice Growth Summit in Las Vegas was a feast for the mind, with an array of world-class keynote speakers who captivated the audience with their expertise and insights. Esteemed professionals Jay Geier, Dr. Bill Dorfman, Carey Lohrenz, Deion Sanders, Tim Tebow, Dr. Travis Stork, and David Nurse covered a range of topics such as practice management, personal growth tips, marketing strategies, patient experience optimization, and business development.

One of the quotes that most exemplified the conference is when Dr. Travis Stork said: “If you never say yes to an opportunity, you’ll never have the chance to know if that opportunity might have changed your life. PART OF GROWTH IS BEING UNCOMFORTABLE.”

Networking Opportunities:
The Practice Growth Summit provided attendees networking opportunities to connect with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships. We gathered feedback from various great attendees, and Dr. Barret Shupe shared his insight when asked a personal question: “Has your opinion of growth changed since joining Scheduling Institute?” His response that most private practice owners can relate to was, “Yes, I realized that I needed to be coached to develop. I got help to develop a growth mindset, and NOW I’M THRIVING.”

The collaborative environment allowed practitioners to learn from those who have already achieved remarkable growth in their practices. One quote that stuck out was from attendee Kendall McIntyre: “Have faith in the process. Once you’re a part of the culture at Scheduling Institute. YOU DO NOTHING BUT GROW!”

Looking Ahead to the 2024 Nashville Practice Growth Summit:
The success of the 2023 Practice Growth Summit has set the stage for an even more remarkable event in 2024. Building upon the achievements of the past, the 2024 Nashville Practice Growth Summit aims to provide an unparalleled experience for private practice professionals.

The 2024 Nashville Practice Growth Summit will once again foster an environment of collaboration and networking, allowing attendees to connect with industry leaders and learn from the best in the business. The engaging and immersive experience will empower private practice professionals to unlock their full potential, revolutionize their practices, and navigate the ever-changing healthcare industry with confidence. Mark your calendars for the 2024 Nashville Practice Growth Summit June 13-15, where practice growth meets inspiration, innovation, and connection. Visit sigrowthsummit.com to learn more. Together, let’s shape the future of private practice and unleash unprecedented success!

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